Peace be unto you, Brethren. We thank God for the gift of life and His faithfulness. I really appreciate your loyalty and support, and continue to plead for your massive cooperation. Kindly follow the link below and search for my name, Nicholas Afram then support me by casting your votes using your email address asContinue reading “GSE 2020 ACCELERATOR TOP COHORT OF AFRICA”

Surrendered Enough? Somehow— Ink & Binoculars

”I surrender all to you, withholding nothing” is not just an emotional roller-coaster experience; it’s calling into deeper total dependence on God sake without God, this frail and wretched mortal man can do nothing. The Lord God is our Abba Father : the source and originator of all noble things in life. As many asContinue reading “Surrendered Enough? Somehow— Ink & Binoculars”

Through the Scriptures – Faith Under Fire

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What I Read Today: 1 Thessalonians 3; Luke 24; Daniel 6; Psalm 7; 2 Kings 8; Genesis 10 I am a subscriber to the Voice of The Martyrs.? The stories of persecution around the world are truly heart wrenching to read.? Here in America, we are spoiled.? We think…

The Power of Purpose Driven Connections

Dear Beloved,Great to have you here and I believe you are doing well by grace. Glory and thanks be to the Lord Please, this article seeks to share and explore thoughts on Understanding and Unearthing the Power of Purpose Driven Connections in the fulfillment of one’s vision and purpose in life on earth. Kindly followContinue reading “The Power of Purpose Driven Connections”

Through the Scriptures

Humanity cannot downplay the Role of God in its affairs in resolving or finding lasting solutions to the many problems and challenges they face. Everything finds its purpose and meaning in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ is the Solution to the Problems of Humanity and it’s high time we awoke from our slumber and purse GodContinue reading “Through the Scriptures”

The Next Pandemic

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If a pandemic were a person, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear infuriated fellow Ghanaians admonishing, “Let this be your first and last!” The pandemic would surely reply, “Impossible! This is not my first—in the first place—and it cannot be my last.” Most scientists believe COVID-19 may continue to…

Pray Your Way Out of Egypt to Canaan

God Demands to be First in whatever we do and until we acknowledge this reality, we would be living our lives outside of the Will of God. The most dangerous thing is to be outside of the will of God for you; It is tantamount to saying You are Your Own Boss and you doContinue reading “Pray Your Way Out of Egypt to Canaan”

My Pulpit

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To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Matthew 25:15 (ESV) We all have different callings in life. Yes, we were all called to preach the gospel in different ways. So, find your ministry and be faithful to it.…

The Power Of Purpose Driven Connections

The Gifts and Callings of God are without repentance and we are vessels of different graces and callings. However, we cannot achieve our purposes in life on a standalone basis, we need purpose driven connections who synchronizes with God’s mandate upon our lives. I am talking about this group of connections who believe and supportContinue reading “The Power Of Purpose Driven Connections”

Prayer Invites the HAND of GOD to Intervene in the Affairs of Humanity

Men always ought to pray and faint not sake Prayer is a necessity for daily fellowship with the Lord to encounter grace for our divine assignment on earth. What have we received in life that it wasn’t given from above. Prayer is a necessity for daily victory and divine alignment to God’s will and purposesContinue reading “Prayer Invites the HAND of GOD to Intervene in the Affairs of Humanity”